Entering the Medical Device Industry as a Sales Associate is a great way to start your professional career if you have an interest in sales and an academic background in a Science or Business discipline. But what are recruiters and medical device companies looking for when selecting CVs for consideration?

With plenty of opportunities for personal development, in a fast-paced, rewarding environment, you need to demonstrate your competitive edge versus your peers from the outset. How do new or recently graduated graduates demonstrate that?

Academic Achievements

The medical device industry is high-pressured and fast moving and involves working with highly intelligent customers, including surgeons and senior hospital executives. Additionally, your potential managers and other executives in the industry have worked hard to be successful and are often high achievers academically; you need to prove to them that you have the mental capacity and strength to succeed.

You need to demonstrate your mental agility, preferably with a 1st Class or 2.1 Degree qualification in a Science of Business Discipline to be considered.

Work Experience

Academic achievement is important but is only part of the skillset that contributes to the success of individuals applying for roles as Sales Associates.

Being able to demonstrate a high work ethic, with the capability and willingness to travel and work long hours is essential. To have a competitive edge, you must show work experience that demonstrates this. Beyond this, relevant work experience in sales, communication, or hospital settings with numerical achievements such as sales targets will put you at a distinct advantage.

Commercial acumen and the hunger to achieve sales targets and related objectives is essential. You will be expected to clearly demonstrate, with concrete evidence, how you can bring these qualities to potential employers.

Industry Research

Anyone can say that they want to have a career in sales in the medical device industry. And more people than ever before have achieved a 1st Class or 2.1 Degree and have worked part-time during their education. You need to stand out from the crowd. Having the right Degree and ‘thinking’ you want a career in medical device sales isn’t enough.

Co-travelling with salespeople from the medical device industry will give you a distinct advantage as it demonstrates that you are serious about entering this competitive industry. Ensuring you have researched the industry and what the role of a Sales Associate is important, but actually experiencing the work environment first hand is crucial. And then make sure you highlight this on your CV.

Other Requirements

We can only consider candidates who have the right to work in the UK and have a full clean driving license.

Sales Associate Roles at HCExecutive

The medical device industry offers exciting opportunities. If you have the qualities and experience that we are looking for, we’d be pleased to hear from you.

Do get in touch with Fiona Walters to find out more: fiona.walters@hcexec.co.uk