1- Make use of your connections.

This can be through your recruiter’s connections or the connections you have made yourself. It can be as simple as meeting people for a coffee and asking them about their work life and personal life.  You never know where it could lead.

Staying connected is something that we value immensely within our company.  We have worked in the healthcare industry for many years and have built up a ‘black book’ of companies and candidates alike. This provides us with the perfect database and expeirence to match both candidate and clients together.

2- Update your professional profile.

LinkedIn has become a vital tool within the business environment, with 260 million monthly active users. Take advantage of it. Post about your knowledge and experiences and start interacting with other like-minded individuals to get noticed.

3- Stand out from the crowd.

Make your CV unique, show off your achievements. Be proactive with the requirements needed to work within the healthcare industry. Make a statement which makes you unforgettable.

If you are struggling to find your next role and want a challenge, we specialise in unique hard to fill roles within the healthcare industry. Contact us directly to see how we can help.