Senior Operations Analyst


Role Description

The Inventory Management Managers’ primary objectives are to ensure best in class inventory / working capital management while delivering world-class product availability to our end customers.

This is a role that supports the global business across all sales regions, products and Franchises. Therefore, the leader must have a global perspective, ability to seamlessly communicate at a commercial regional level, a global product level, Franchise focus, etc.

This is a highly complex, project management and analytical role requiring extensive experience and expertise in global inventory management, S&OP and supply chain as well as strong programme management, process management and deployment capability

A Continuous Improvement and Transformation mindset are critical to this role. The business requires delivery on-going optimization of all aspects within inventory management to improve our working capital position, minimize excess and obsolescence and enhance our Customer Experience. In particular, you can expect to: To plan, implement and sustain the businesses processes to Optimize Inventory levels.

    • Activities:

    • - Design and deploy the inventory management improvement programme that will align all relevant workstreams into a single and focused set of deliverables and milestones.
    • - Develop the improvement programme utilizing process management tools such as lean six- sigma, TQM, Kaizen, Kanban etc.…
    • - Provide clear analytics and presentations to all business levels, including C-suite level, that detail project goals, milestones, status and risk management.
    • - Set, monitor and maintain inventory levels, both Gross and Net, in accordance with business and cash goals.
    • - Identify all causes of non-working capital and ensure that real-time corrective action is taken to remove them, eg. Safety stock & weeks of supply targets, production intervals, purchasing practices, forecast bias impacts, freight and distribution decisions, last time buy guidelines, impacts of average daily demand and end to end lead times on inventory, modelling of inventory requirements for new product introductions and global expansion, etc.
    • - Review and monitor Root Causes Analysis (RCA) to ensure action plans are in place to prevent the recurrence of all types of non-working capital
    • - Ensure that the definitions of all non-working capital are understood and rolled into global financial plans and forecasts.
    • - Report on all activity and explanations for all product scrapped each month, in terms of: Root cause, Volume, Value
    • - Ensure that internal and external supplier performance is maintained and that reports on the RCA of non-compliance are documented and closed out
    • - Propose and execute CI improvements in the area of taking cost out of inventory
    • - Create, define, manage and execute business processes, eg. Weekly – High level inventory monitoring, trends, reconciliation activities. Bi-Weekly – Business / Value stream improvement projects review. Monthly – Ops read-out, revised quarterly & year-end inventory outlook, key drivers and actions for negative variances, status of transformation projects, financials reserves & Gross vs. Net view. Quarterly – Safety stock recommendations, lead-time verification, pending last time buys. Annually – Inventory monthly/quarterly target setting, transformation projects and resourcing requirements.
  • To be successful, you will need:

    • - Possess strong leadership capabilities, ability to create the right strategy, sell that strategy, and create the team to deliver the results
    • - Strong analytical background, ability to manage wide scope of activities, yet awareness of the critical details per region / product / customer.
    • - The ability to lead and coach a global project team
    • - Possess strong functional knowledge in all aspects of global inventory management, S&OP and supply chain.
    • - Strong capability to deploy and drive to meet project target deliverables and milestone dates.
    • - Ability to drive Transformation, create an environment to challenge status-quo, create a culture of ‘Continuous Improvement, Every day, Everywhere’.
    • - Highly structured, thoughtful, organised, process driven.


  • Education:

  • - Bachelor’s degree in international business or operations, inventory management, S&OP, supply chain management.
  • - Project Management and Risk Management
  • - Process Management (Business Process Management, BPMN, lean six-sigma, TQM, Kaizen, Kanban)
  • - E2E supply chain analytics


    • - Work in medical devices or a similar regulated environment 
    • - CIM qualifications or comparable marketing education 
    • - High level of proficiency with PowerPoint and confidence working in Excel 
    • - Knowledge of broader principles of brand management
    • - Basic graphic design skills 
    • - Product launch experience 
    • - Exposure to/involvement in web development projects 
    • - Knowledge of SEO and keyword optimisation
    • - Experience working with publishers and/or media outlets in a marketing or PR capacity 
    • - Basic work conducting market research and/or competitive intelligence analysis 
    • - Process driven with an appreciation for continuous improvement 

    Some Logistics: 

    - Role based in the UK
  • - Travel approx. 10%